How controversial content cost Nyako her military career

TikTok sensation Rose Atieno popularly known as Nyako arrived in Kenya on June 4 and had an opportunity to discuss her life and some of the incidents that occurred while she was abroad.

Despite gaining attention on social media recently. Nyako revealed that she used to work as a driver at an American Military School.

However, she clarified that she no longer holds that position, but she admitted that she is happy with her current situation.


According to Nyako, the department she worked in was delicate, and she mentioned being targeted by jealous individuals on TikTok. They collected some of her videos that appeared controversial.

These videos were then forwarded to her department, resulting in her losing her job. However, she shared that she had a court case and revealed that she won against her employer.

“I won the court case against my employer and I’m good. I’m not going to drive the buses again and my life is even better,” Nyako said.

Nyako continued to express that losing her job actually opened doors for her, and she expressed her gratitude for no longer being in that position.

During the interview, Nyako confidently stated that she is capable of performing various tasks, including making cupboards and cooking, skills that she believes many women cannot do.

However, she also openly admitted that she had previously worked as a prostitute, which is how she acquired the name ‘Nyako’.

Nyako further expressed that she is not afraid to discuss her past because it is something that has already happened.

She emphasized her focus on the future and acknowledged that her past experiences have shaped her into the person she is today.

In one of her TikTok videos, Nyako encouraged women to explore alternative job opportunities, such as selling tomatoes, instead of resorting to engaging in prostitution.

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