Harmonize Puzzled By How Women Are Falling For Him After Breaking Up With Kajala

Tanzanian singer Harmonize is attracting a lot of attention from ladies who are increasingly crushing on him.

The Konde Worldwide music label founder expressed disbelief at how women are ‘loving’ him nowadays through a post on InstaStories.

Harmonize and Kajala

He wondered if ladies were increasingly attracted to him because he was getting richer or because he was looking more handsome.

Am conflicted on this.. Ladies these days love me too much, is it that am getting too rich or getting too handsome?” Harmonize wrote.

Harmonize and Kajala broke up for the second time in early December 2022. It all started when she deleted the singer’s photos from her Instagram account and stopped referring to herself as ‘wife and manager of Harmonize’ on her profile.

Kajala later posted a temporary post on social media saying that she had been heartbroken, admitting that she deserved to be laughed at.

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