Harmonize Buys Mother New Car With Money He Made In Kenya

Tanzanian singer Harmonize says he spent the money he got from his dramatic visit to Kenya last weekend to buy his mum a car.

Through his Instagram, Harmonize recounted the challenges he went through during the tour but he also acknowledged the fact that the concerts paid off.

He says his mother loves the Toyota Harrier car model.

“Mama Konde hakuna gari anayoipenda zaidi ya harrier. From way back when she was a young woman.

“Nimerudi Kenya miangaikoni changamoto za hapa na pale.mara kuitiwa polisi, kurushiwa naji kwa kosa ya watu wenye tamaa ila finally sikurudi mikono tupu. Nimekuongezea hii nyingine mama Kondeboy.


Last weekend, the singer was arrested in Nairobi and taken to the Kileleshwa Police Station.

He was in the country to perform at the Afrika Moja concert but was on Sunday arrested for allegedly failing to perform in several clubs despite having been paid upfront.

It started on Friday when there was chaos at a Mombasa road club where his car was vandalized after he performed for one minute, then left despite fans having paid up to Sh5,000 to see the singer perform.

Eric Omondi alleged that Harmonize assaulted him after he asked him to refund the money he was given money to perform.

“I gave him money and he refused to perform, so we told him to return the money. I told him there is no need to fight…’I have given you money and you have been arrested, I do not want to embarrass you, lets go to Mombasa and do a show because you have been paid, yesterday you refused to go to Kokoriko, yesterday you caused problems at Captains and I covered you,’ While talking, he punched me.”

After his release, Harmonize performed at a club in Mombasa.

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