Harmonize Buys 2 Range Rovers For Frida Kajala, Begs For Forgiveness

Tanzanian singer Harmonize is not stopping at anything as he tries to woe his ex-lover Frida Kajala back.

Harmonize has gone and bought two brand new sleek Range Rover vehicles which he plans to use as bait in his quest to win Kajala back in his life.

The ‘matatizo’ singer posted a series of videos standing next to the two Range Rovers he intends to gift Kajala, as he apologized and confessed his undying love for the ex.


In his message, a very humble Harmonize opened up on how Kajala changed his life revealing that she once housed him for months, something that the public had no clue about.

“I miss you so please come back and let us pick up from where we left . Don’t be worried by people who’ll say that you took me back because of these gifts. Nobody knows I have lived in your house for months and nobody knows that you have supported me so much and I didn’t even buy you a bicycle,” he said.

Harmonize says the Range Rovers will be their mode of transport and says he chose to offer the gifts publicly because he doesn’t believe in hiding his feelings or showing vulnerability.

“I feel like you deserve everything I have. I love you so much and I miss you so much so come back home and God will bless us abundantly,” begged Harmonize.

Check out the video below;


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