‘GSU officer’ Arrested For Defaming YouTuber Mungai Eve

Mwendo Mailu, a fake GSU Officer who was caught on Camera alleging to have funded YouTuber Mungai Eve has been arrested.

He is being detained at Kileleshwa Police Station.

Speaking about the issue Mungai Eve’s advocate says some companies have been threatening to discontinue working with Mungai over the viral video.

“The video has serious untruth and defamatory statements.

“My client has made her brand through hard work and she feels whoever wants to jeopardize that must face the law.

Mungai Eve And GSU

Adding that; “The accused is facing charges of impersonating a police officer, defamation He has no record of the things he has accused my client of. ”

The advocate says despite offering an ‘apology’ the damage had already been done due to how viral the video went.

“We have confiscated his equipment they will undergo forensic tests as he awaits his appeal on Monday.”


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The fake officer is to be charged with defaming the YouTuber.

Eve had earlier confirmed that her advocate had reached out to Mailu and he has accepted liability.

“I hope this shall not only be a learning experience but a warning at the same time that using others via unscrupulous ways to climb up the social economic ladder is not ideal but illegal too.

“The law does not have mercy and ignorance is not a defense,” read part of Mungai’s post.

Mailu put up another video admitting that he has never met Eve Mungai despite lying to the public that they dated sometime back.

He said that he was using the YouTuber to chase clout – begging for her forgiveness.

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