Gorgeous Lulu Hassan Steps Out In Never Seen Before Classy Dinner Dress

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Citizen Tv’s news anchor Lulu Hassan is one with good taste when it comes to fashion.

For her, this is just a walk in the park and for a long time she has proven that Islam does not stand in her way when it comes to slaying.

Unlike most women Lulu Hassan keeps it classy and decent at all times. She never leaves behind her hijab but often finds wears to wear them like modern Islam ladies.

Just a few days ago the new anchor attended an evening event where she was expected to show up looking all glamourous. As expected Ms Hassan did not disappoint but stand out thanks to her choice of outfit; that left many impressed and others jealous by how amazing she looked.

As seen on her Instagram, this event was targeting actors and being one with a production company and several successful series; Lulu definitely had to be present.

Dressed in a shimmering gown which she paired with a matching turban; indeed Lulu Hassan came to give many a run for their money. As simple as her outfit sounds, we can promise that Lulu Hassan was the best dressed lady at the event.

Lulu Hassan
Lulu Hassan
Lulu Hassan
Lulu Hassan

This is because she did not feel the need to show excess skin to feel beautiful but instead covered to keep many guessing. Below are a few photos showing how glamourous Lulu looked at this particular evening event.


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