Gloria Muliro’s Ex Husband Narrates How He Begged Her Not To Leave Him

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Music producer and pastor, Eric Omba has revealed how for close to two years, he miserably and desperately begged his ex-wife Gloria Muliro not to divorce him, but all to no avail.

Gloria walked out of her marriage with the Congolese in 2015 citing infidelity and mistreatment and never returned, even after Omba persistently tried to salvage the marriage.

In a recent interview with Round Table, Omba said he never lost hope of saving the marriage and did that religiously for close to two years before finally giving up and remarrying.

“Oooh! My goodness, kufikia kwa hiyo hatua (remarrying), it was a fight, to decide to move on it was a fight. I followed her almost a year and a half, nikafika mpaka kwa mzee wake, kwa dada zake, rafiki zake… trying to repair (sic) the relationship,” Omba narrated.

As if that wasn’t enough, Omba claims he sought the help of a bishop who Gloria respected but she still insisted on divorcing him.

“She said her time was over. I did not want a divorce, I never signed the divorce papers, nilikataa kabisa because I don’t believe in divorce. Na nilikuwa nalia kama mtoto mdogo… kama nilikukosea nisamehe. Mpaka nilikuwa naomba msamaha dhambi sijui nilifanya,” he said.

But Gloria would have none of it. She even obtained a restraining order.

“Nilitumiwa barua kutoka kwa wakili wake ikisema I’m harassing this lady, if you continue, tutakupeleka tena mbele. They said, if I see her within 10 meters I have to back off,” he said.

Omba says that since then he has never communicated with Gloria after she blocked all the channels he could possibly use to communicate with her.

The 37-year-old also insists he never cheated on Gloria and that the rumours on alleged infidelity were spread by the artiste’s friends.

The couple got married in a colourful wedding ceremony in April 2010 only for hell to break loose five years later.
The couple was never blessed with a child during the marriage.

Pastor Omba has since moved on and he is now a father of two with his new wife. As for Gloria, she has kept her love life very private since the bitter divorce.

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