Ghasia! Esther Musila Responds To Fan Who Disrespected Her Union With Guardian Angel (Screenshots)

Esther Musila has gone ham on a fan who disrespected her union with gospel star Guardian Angel.

She did not hold back in her savage response that had a few unprintables in it. She swears worse than a drunken sailor with a pay rise.

A fan of Esther who uses the online moniker Baby Panay, shared screenshots of their exchange on the Kenya Talk forum.

Guardian Angel 50 Year Old Bae
Esther Musila, Guardian Angel’s 50 Year Old Bae. Photo, Courtesy

He said,

“I told her it’s a sin exposing her nakedness to a kid old enough to be her son. Kumbe anajua kuongea sh*t….Elders if uko on Instagram endeni mtume salamu. Tell her to let the kid go and experience life with a man her age.”

This was communicated to Esther via Instagram DM where she went roughshod crazy on Baby Panay.

“You idiot,” Esther began the lecture, “If you think I’ll give you airtime on my page forget it. And as for you and the bitterness in your life, I am not the cause. Go and get a life you fool. You were a waste of sperm afadhali ungezaluwa mbwa. Sin my foot. So with all your two cents advise uta do? Kajinyonge”

She continued,

“Sin my foot. So with all your two cents advise uta do? Kajinyonge Afadhali ungezaliwa utupwe kwa pit latrine hauna faida dunia hii. Nini inakuasha. Pona basi.”

She noted,

“Idiots with pseudo accounts Opening new accounts to insult people. Or was my husband your crash? Come out as yourself. Ghasia!”

Check out the screenshots making rounds online below.

Esther Musila

Esther Musila

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