Ghanaian ‘Tupac Shakur’ Reported Dead

Popular Ghanaian Tiktoker and Tupac Shakur impersonator Ahuofe is dead.

The Tiktoker, who joined the video-sharing app in June 2022, quickly amassed over a hundred thousand followers in two short months, becoming one of the most popular and notable faces across the Ghanaian – and African – online space.

Ahuofe’s hilarious skits, mostly in the Akan Twi Ghanaian language, had already earned him earned him 115,900 followers and 966,300 likes by August 2022.

Ghanian Tupac
Ghanian Tupac

The diminutive content creator, who leveraged on his comical looks and wacky dressing style, sometimes reminiscent of American rapper Tupac Shakur, became a household name across Ghana, going on to clock over 4 million followers and 40 million likes in less than a year.

According to Ghanaian media, Ahoufe Tupac passed away in the early hours of March 29, 2023 after suffering a brief illness.

Ghanaian rapper and musician Jay Bahd was the first to tweet the information. Ahoufe passed on the same night after going live on Tiktok.

As his popularity grew, Ahoufe’s image became one of the most popular stickers on numerous Ghanaian social media sites, further enhancing his fame.

His videos, which often featured him performing skits, dancing, singing or even merely yawning, always had a way of resonating with his vast audience.

His fans, drawn from across Africa, have taken to social media to mourn the happy-go-lucky content creator.

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