Gengetone Artist Miracle Baby Accused Of Being A Deadbeat Dad By One of his 4 Babymamas

Popular gengetone group Sailors Gang member Miracle Baby is trending after he was recently accused of being a deadbeat dad.

The youngin already has four kids from different mothers thus having multiple baby mamas. But it seems like he’s not able to take care of all the kids.

As a matter of fact, last year, Miracle Baby disclosed that he wants 17 babies and added that it’s hard for him to settle with one woman.

“I have 4 kids from different mothers. One was left at my doorstep in a basin so I had to adopt him. However, we look alike and I suspect that he is mine,” he revealed on Mambo Mseto.

Miracle Baby

One of his baby mamas reached out to blogs and complained about the gengetone artist not taking care of his daughter.

The first mother of his kid Tash Beiby said she doesn’t get any help from Miracle Baby following barriers created by his current girlfriend Carol Katrue.

She also revealed that he doesn’t send any upkeep and they don’t have proper channels of communication.

The second mother also complained that her efforts to summon him to pay child support has bore no fruits.

Miracle baby is yet to share his side of the story.

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