Genge Artist Mejja Announces Comeback After Throat Illness

Gengetone music star Major Nameye Khadija, popularly known as Mejja alias Okwonko, has announced his comeback to the industry after taking a short break due to a throat illness.

In a post on Instagram on Wednesday, the “Utawezana” hitmaker revealed his rebound saying that the off-season had taught him who his real friends were.

“Back to basics!!!! Nimewahata manze tupatane Marima, I have learned a lot through this process about patience na pia who your real friends are, tubaki hivo hivo mpaka sahii. Uzito wagenge, Jah bless,” he wrote.


The “Usiniharibie moods” singer further clarified that he will be working under caution as dictated by his doctor.

Mejja took a breather earlier in the year after he noticed blood in his sputum, prompting him to seek specialized medical care.

“I have been having issues with my throat, when I was in Australia I contracted flu and could not get access to medicine since I was performing every day. When I came back, the pain was on and off even after taking some over-the-counter drugs,” he announced at the time.

The Gengetone icon has also announced plans to hold a concert on March 4.

His fans were happy about his progress and flocked to his comment section to welcome him back.

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