‘Fred Omondi Chewed My girlfriend’ – Oga Obinna Shares

Morning Kiss host Oga Obinna has narrated how he met his 3 baby mamas.

Obinna currently has four kids from three women.

In a candid interview on Churchill show, he narrated;

“I met my first love while working as a messenger. At the time I was making 4000 so I was like come let us start life.

Fred Omondi

Not long after that she got pregnant and I lost my job, so I took her to Russia in Kisumu where she delivered.

I took care of her for a while before she decided to come to Nairobi, I was left in the village for some time.”

Narrating how he met his 2nd baby mama, Obinna says she used to frequent a club he used to perform at.

“She came to the club one Sunday and saw us. Since then she would come to all our performances, at first I thought she loved the music, I did not know she used to come and check me out.

At the time she lived in Ngara while I lived in Makongeni. With time I stopped going to my place and started going to hers. We were together for a while but we broke up,” he shared.

Obinna added that his baby mama lost her job and during one of the ‘consoling’ sessions they ended up getting pregnant.

“She lost her job, and when I went to comfort her things happened, my second child was born.”

Just when you thought you have heard enough Obinna added;

“When everything was advancing, I met my third baby mama after Fred Omondi(brother to Eric Omondi) chewed my girlfriend. Life was a bit chaotic at the time.

She (3rd baby mama) was very grounded, she was a Kamba lady living in Umoja. I was also living in Umoja so I asked her mbona tulipe rent mbili?

We moved in together, but things did not work out so we separated while she was pregnant and my daughter was born.”

Obinna says on some days he would go visit his daughter only to end up ‘visiting’ the mother as well.

“I would go see her and that is when sh#t happened and we got our last born. You know when you go visit you see her cooking or doing something and you are like wait a minute…

Why didn’t you cook that way when you were with me? So I would visit my daughter but I visited her mother as well.” He joked

Obinna is currently hosting the Morning Kiss alongside Kamene Goro.

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