Former Kiss FM Radio Presenter Lynda Nyangweso Comes Out as Bisexual

Former Kiss FM radio presenter Lynda Nyangweso has revealed that she is bisexual.

The former radio presenter said she has had a really hard time to come out as a bisexual woman since she is married to a man.

“As a bisexual woman I’ve never really had to “come out” because I’m married to a man but this isn’t the time to mince words. LGBTQIA rights are human rights. I’ll say that again. LGBTQIA rights are human rights. No ifs and or buts.”

Linda Nyangweso
Linda Nyangweso

Lynda Nyangweso and her husband Lance Osiri got married in June 2015 and together they have a daughter, Megan Osiro.

The media personality did so as she also voiced her support for the LGBTQIA movement in Kenya saying LGBTQIA rights are human rights.

Lynda also showed her solidarity for the Ugandan LGBTQ community after their parliament passed the Anti-Homosexuality Act which seeks to criminalize the identity and lifestyle.

She added that what is happening in Uganda should worry Kenyans since homophobia is the one issue that is bi-partisan; uniting all the different political factions in the country and it is naive to think we won’t see a push in Kenya to follow in Uganda’s footsteps.

Bisexuality is a romantic or sexual attraction or behavior toward both males and females, or to more than one gender.

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