Never Stay In A Relationship For The Sake Of Kids – Nyota Ndogo Advises Fans

Nyota Ndogo says it’s about time people stopped claiming they’re living with abusive partners for the sake their kids.

According to her, this doesn’t even add – like how would unhappy parents raise a happy child in a wrecked relationship?

Well, the Mombasa based singer shared this information in a detailed post shared on her instagram page where she wrote;

Never stay in a relationship for the sake of kids because if the parents are not happy they cannot make they kids happy.

The kids will always hear things that kids not surpose to hear when both perants are fighting. sasa mukishauwana hao watoto wataishi vipi?jamani tuacheni kujitesa vitu vingine vilipitwa na wakati.

nyota ndogo
nyota ndogo

Her advise comes a few days after singer Marya opened up to reveal that she stayed with ex husband, Kevo for the sake of their son.

However, despite sacrificing her peace of mind – thinking that having her son’s father around would help in molding her son while still young.

However as you already know, Marya ended up staying in a toxic relationship for over 4 years; only to end up alone in the end.

Baby daddy on the other hand is rumored to have already moved on to other relationships…while Marya is now trying to pick up from where she left at.

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