Flaqo’s Face Had Burns After Using Soap He Was Gifted By Fan

Erastus Otieno who is popularly known for his stage name Flaqo Raz says a fan gifted him a soap that reacted on his body and he developed a rash afterwards.

According to Flaqo, the fan handed him the gift which contained Kojic acid that ended up burning his face and left black spots on his skin.

“It was not purely acnes, sometime in 2020 I was gifted a soap, by someone who said ‘I be a fan.’ The soap had Kojic acid which burnt my face badly ikaniacha na black spots, that’s why my face suddenly had patches, but now, it’s much much better,” Flaqo shared.


Attached to the post, was an old photo the content creator before using the soap, where he had a rather fair skin.

The comedian urged his fans to cease from trusting people easily like he did, “Beware of people.”

Just a month Flaqo had opened up on his struggles with allergies that saw him struggle for seven months. He shared that his body kept swelling at night and he kept canceling plans as he could not go out.

“I had bad allergies(hives/urticaria) since 2014 bruh I talked about it 7 months ago, I could not sleep every night due to discomfort I could not shoot consistently, my body was always swelling daily, could not go out, was always canceling plans,” Flaqo wrote.

He however said taking life easy had smoothened his recovery process and for three months he had no allergy signs and that mental health was key in the development.

“Ever since I took life easy, no stress, pray, mental health checks, the allergies disappeared. It’s been three months and no sign of allergy. Attending to your mental health is key man,” Flaqo said.

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