Fans Blast Diana Marua For Failing to Post Mueni Bahati on Her 7th Birthday

Diana Marua has found herself on the negative side of social media users after she failed to celebrate her step daughter’s birthday.

Fans blasted Diana for failing to post Mueni who is Bahati’s firstborn daughter. Many claimed that they had expected Diana to treat Mueni better on her birthday.

On social media, some people claimed that Mueni was being sidelined and was not receiving similar treatment like the other children.

Bahati And Diana
Her father Bahati however shared a sweet message to celebrate her on her seventh birthday.

“My Daughter as you Turn 7 Today I would like to remind you 3 things…..

• You are Loved and Treasured and I will forever be by your side.

• Always remember that you will always have a Special place in my Heart – to me you are irreplaceable.

• Lastly, you can always count on me and One of the reasons I work hard today is to give you a Better Tommorow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY PRINCESS @MUENI_BAHATI👸 JUST TELL ME THAT ONE BIRTHDAY GIFT 🎁 THAT YOU WANT AND I WILL GET IT FOR YOU 😍.”

Mueni’s mother Yvette Obura also shared a sweet message on Instagram after a beautiful mother and daughter photoshoot.

“When I tell you this journey hasn’t been easy wueee but who is God who is God?? With everything said and done,with everything thrown at me you’re still my baby MUENI. I love you more than anything my love. Happy significant 7 Yvanna .”

While Some speculated that Diana had a fallout with Yvette Obura others said Diana has been a good mother to Mueni for years and failing to post her on one day should not change anything.


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