Fameye Replies Critics Who Think His Dressing Is Not A Good Fit For His Brand

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Fameye has lashed out at critics who has something to say about his choice of outfits.

The “Beautiful” singer is mostly seen in casual outfits and a faction of his fans think it is not suitable for his brand.

Fameye in an interview with Eddie Ray on Kasapa Entertainment addressed the issue in the best way he could.

According to him, someone reached out to him and complained bitterly about his dressing. The fan obviously expects the singer to be wearing all the bling that comes with fame.

However, Fameye thinks it would be unwise to invest in branded outfits and watch himself go hungry.

Citing Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gate and Ed Sheeran to support his argument, he said they are wealthy but do not worry themselves with branded clothes it is better to live within one’s means.

“I have to live within my means not to please anyone with extravagant lifestyle,” he said.


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