Eve Mungai Responds To Critics Asking, ‘Atazaa lini?!’

Kenyan You Tuber, Eve Mungai, has told off fans asking her, ‘Atazaa lini?’

The 22-year old says she is still young and has a lot to achieve before she becomes a mum.

“Some fans feel very entitled. They feel like you have made money and you should now be a mum.

Mungai Eve And Her Boyfriend Trevor
Mungai Eve And Her Boyfriend Trevor

We all have different goals in life, it’s not in my plans to get pregnant by 22. It gets very annoying when people keep asking me about that.

If I get a child now and things happen…mentally, financially. It should be an agreement between you and your partner and not from netizens.”

Mungai says people will never stop talking hence she is doing what makes her happy.

“I wonder what people will say when I get pregnant. But I have learned even if I give birth people will still talk. The pressure will always be there. When someone sends me a DM telling me nizae I give them very harsh responses because it’s not their business.

People assume just because you are financially stable everything else is smooth. I have a life I want to give my kids, so people should just let me be.”

Eve is dating Trevor who happens to be her ‘manager’ and business partner. The two have been dating for years.

In a past interview, Eve says she was scared about how her mum would take the relationship given Trevor is from a different tribe from her.

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