Eric Omondi Was Once Arrested By His Father For Drinking Busaa

Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has revealed his dad once arrested him.

Eric says his dad was a respected police officer who was feared by many.

Sharing his experience on Kula Cooler show he said,

“We ran away from home and went for a disco matanga. The cops came and arrested people.

When the cops saw me they were like ‘aren’t you the boss’s son?’ They released me.”

Eric says he thought he had escaped the net only to be re-arrested the next day while at his mum’s shop.

“I went back home but when my dad went home they told him they had arrested me the previous night. He didn’t believe them at first.

The cop said he released me because I would have been arrested for drinking busaa.

My dad told the cop to come to arrest me as I was a criminal. My dad had told the cop not to give me special treatment,” he shared.

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