So, After Crying That Kenya Is Unsafe, Elsa Majimbo Spotted Hanging Out In Nairobi

Award-winning online comedienne Elsa Majimbo has been spotted hanging out in Nairobi.

Photos shared by DJ Shinksi depicted the mix master hanging out with the online sensation in a Nairobi club over the weekend.

Kenyans were surprised that she had returned to the country months after claiming that it was unsafe.

“You mean Majimbo returned to Kenya?” one person asked.

“Is that Majimbo?” another wondered.

The Comedian once faced the wrath of Kenyans after she said she’s fed up with online bullying by Kenyans, adding she’d rather settle in South Africa other than Nairobi for that reason.

“I’ve been bullied in Nairobi my whole life,” the popular comedian said.

She also said she would rather hop from country to country rather than settle in Nairobi.

“Nairobi is the worst option possible… If I have nowhere to go I’ll go back to South Africa. I have a home there,” she adds.

Majimbo claimed the hatred towards her was based on the fact that she is dark-skinned.


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