Edgar Obare’s Loses Instagram Page Once Again

Instagram has suspended Edgar Obare’s blogging account, BNN Africa.

This is after an explicit advert he ran on the platform a few days ago.

The popular ‘Tea Master’ said Instagram deactivated his account with over 149,000 followers over claims that he violated Community Guidelines on ‘human exploitation’.

The advert was announcing a new adult-content subscription platform he is building.

Edgar Obare

This becomes Edgar’s third main account to be taken down by Instagram.

Early this year, Edgar trended on Twitter for two days for his damning “Wash Wash” expose’ that he linked several businessmen and women as he alleged that they are linked to money laundering.

”My main account has been deactivated, working to get it restored. Meanwhile, we already prepared for these outcomes and I can also be posting here,” Edgar said after his page was deactivated.

Meta the parent company of Instagram has become very radical when it comes to deactivating accounts that don’t follow their community guidelines.

In September last year, the company was grilled by American Senators about the impact its apps are having on younger users.

This was based on a report that indicated the company was aware that Meta-owned Instagram could have a “toxic” effect on teen girls.

“We now know that Facebook routinely puts profits ahead of kids’ online safety. We know it chooses the growth of its products over the well-being of our children…And we now know it is indefensibly delinquent in acting to protect them,” Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal said in opening remarks at the hearing.

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