Eddie Butita Challenges Flaqo & Crazy Kennar To Take On Stand-Up Comedy

The comic industry is one of the most sumptuous money-making sectors in the local context; evidently from most celebrities who have made it through the same.

From Mammito, Cartoon Comedian, to Flaqo, Crazy Kennar, YY Comedian, among others. The above mentioned have smitten millions through their acts of comedy; which has enabled them to clinch numerous endorsements through the same.

Despite being renowned comedians, some of the mentioned decided to go on the low after making more than enough. The likes of Mammito and YY Comedian have not continued with stand-up comedy despite being exquisite at it.

Eddie Butita

But they’ve transitioned into online content creation; which isn’t that bad after all. But talented jester Butita believes content creators like Flaqo & Crazy Kennar need to up their game and try stand-up comedy. Sharing his sentiments on Mungai Eve’s channel Butita purported;

”Me I believe Flaqo akisimama kwa stage kama ame prepare enough na tuna understand humour yake inafaa kuwa delivered aje, wasee watacheka. Crazy Kennar akisimama na atuite KICC ama Garden City… Kama ameprepare for it, ata perform vizuri sana na hiyo show haitaanguka… And you should take it as a challenge.

Learn how to do it. Don’t say, I am an online comedian, I can’t do stand-up…. Learn it, and do it. ”

Both Flaqo & Crazy Kennar have been in comparison for a while; and they’re both excellent in their work. But who among them is willing to take on Butita’s challenge?

Watch Butita’s full interview video below;

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