E-Sir Was The Brightest Student At Brookhouse School – Winnie Odinga

Winnie Odinga, the lastborn daughter of Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya alliance presidential aspirant Raila Odinga, has opened up about going to the same prestigious school as the late legendary rapper Issah Mmari Wangui alias E-Sir.

Speaking during an interview with Mwafreeka Mwaf on his YouTube podcast, Winnie revealed she went to Brookhouse school for her secondary education after studying at Rusinga school in primary.

Raila’s daughter said that E-Sir was the brightest student at Brookhouse school.

Winnie Odinga

She disclosed that she joined the prestigious school when the rapper had already left but his achievements were all over the walls at the institution.

“You know E-Sir was in Brookhouse school and he was like the sharpest guy in the school. He was older than me and I think I joined the year he left. But when you reach there as in the presence E-Sir was there every photo they used to have awards best student in what what and not just ati music or whatever like best in Maths, best in sciences you find E-Sir there,” she said.

Winnie further disclosed that Brookhouse school is still very proud of E-Sir because of his impressive achievements.

Winnie suggested that E-Sir was a genius because no student at Brookhouse has ever broken or even matched his academic achievements at the prestigious school.

“They were just proud of him even before he passed on. When he passed I hadn’t even joined that school, I was still in primary. But they honoured him, you know if you are like the best student it stays for a year after till the next one comes. But his there was nobody who could match up to E-Sir,” Winnie said.

Speaking on her experience at Brookhouse, Raila’s lastborn daughter revealed she was culture-shocked when she joined the prestigious school for her secondary education.

“Majority are still Kenyans but even me when I got there I got culture shock. Because I went to Rusinga school (for primary) 99 per cent are Kenyans even the teachers are Kenyans. Now you go there (Brookhouse) like the jungus (whites) tell you speak like this, talk like that, that’s not how you pronounce that… That’s why guys come out of there speaking a bit different but Kenyans are like leading in Africa for school systems so you get a lot of people from Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe,” she said.

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