Don’t Talk About My Singing If You Have Never Sang Anything, Diana B Cautions Haters

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Diana B has come out strongly to caution fans who are constantly talking about her music career negatively.

The celebrity who has been trending daily since she launched her music career said people hate her, yet they cannot sing.

While doing a radio interview with Kamene and Jalang’o, the Hatutaachana hitmaker said:

“Numbers don’t lie. If you feel like I cannot sing, then release your songs we see, and come and dance to your songs so that we see how your songs are, you know. Do not come to me with your opinion and you have not sung.”

Here are some of the reactions to her comment:

@Teresia Mutua said:

“Keep going the sky is the limit, Diana Bahati.”

@Beatrice Bolger commented:

“Let the haters eat mud. Diana, go ahead with your bad self and keep winning. Kudos.”

@Gaming World said:

“I just heard her saying numbers don’t lie, and she thinks having many views means she’s good at music, Diana, no. Views are out of curiosity from us Kenyans. Not in any way confirming you have good music. Do not mistake the two.”

@Aisha Yusuf added”

“Maybe she is doing this for clout.”

Days ago, the One Day rapper praised her celebrity husband on live TV.

“He is the best that we have in the country and I am privileged to be under his wing and be mentored by him. He has been in the industry for so many years and then he’s introducing the wife as a rapper and he’s vouching for me, like ‘babe you can do this’, he is putting me out there to fly and I really appreciate him for that,” she said.

She also said she is happy she did not disappoint him as he had invested so much in making her music career a reality.


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