DJ Shiti Blasted For Sending Ksh150 As Child Monthly Upkeep

Popular actor, comedian and content creator DJ Shiti has in the recent past found himself on the spotlight, for all the wrong reasons.

This courtesy of an ongoing online tiff with his estranged baby mama Fash Hussein, that has since turned ugly.

Fash now claims that the high-flying comedian is a deadbeat father, accusations DJ Shiti has remained non-committal about responding to.

DJ Shiti

Fash blasted the content creator for allegedly sending her a measly Ksh.150 as child upkeep for their daughter.

Taking the Instagram stories, she attached an M-Pesa message from October last year to back up her claims.

The revelation has since caused mixed reactions online, with both celebrities and ordinary netizens airing out their opinions on the matter.

Citizen Digital reached out to DJ Shiti for comment on the issue, but he declined to respond, with his manager promising that the comedian would on Friday night go on YouTube live to clarify the matter once and for all.

Source: Citizen

DJ Shiti Accused Of Being A Deadbeat Dad By Baby Mama


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