DJ Mo Gifts Parents A Fully Furnished Three-Bedroom House

DJ Mo unveils the beautiful house with fully furnished living room gifted to his parents by him as a way of honouring them.

The Kenyan Gospel Mix Master Samwel Muraya populary known as Dj Moh is a father and a husband to the beautiful gospel singer Size 8.

On his Instagram page,the father of two posted a photo of an exquisite living room that is fully furnished with flashy furniture installed.

DJ Mo gifts parents a three-bedroom posh home
DJ Mo gifts parents a three-bedroom posh home

On his caption the father of two appreciated his parents for taking care of them back when they had nothing and the gift was a way of honouring their love.

He said that building a house for them was a dream come true as his dream was to make their lives comfortable and take care of them.

The wife, Size 8, was not hesitant to appreciate and thank God for the blessing however did not hesitate to challenge the father of her kids on building their retirement house soon.

The picture clearly depicts that everything in that house is splendid and very flashy from the quality of the grey themed seats complimenting the carpet and the flour.

The father of two is among the few celebrities who have gone out of their way and warmed the hearts of their parents by gifting them with a brand new house.

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