DJ Evolve Is Learning How To Sit Again, His Father Says

Felix Oranda alias DJ Evolve’s father John Orinda has revealed that his son is still recuperating after a near-fatal club shoot out in 2020 involving Babu Owino.

Speaking to a local publication, he disclosed that his son is currently being coached on how to walk and sit again.

Evolve is under physiotherapy and has been subjected to three surgeries in the past two years.

“He is doing well but is still living an assisted life. He is also starting to feel his legs but he cannot walk yet.

“Right now, he is being taught how to sit but continues to be assisted in feeding. It is good that he can now eat solid foods,” Mr Orinda revealed.

babu owino DJ Evolve

Orinda also noted that Babu Owino is still helping them financially and most of it is being channelled to Evolve’s treatment plans.

“He is still helping; he has been arranging for my son’s treatment. Anything I ask of him, he does without raising questions,” he added.

This comes as the family is preparing to mark the first anniversary since the passing of the entertainer’s mother, Mary Hongo in September 2022.

The memorial service is scheduled for October 2022.

DJ Evolve was caught up in a shooting incident in a famous city club after Babu Owino shoot him in the neck, leaving him paralyzed and bedridden.

The incident was captured on CCTV.

Babu was ordered to foot all his bills and he also promised to buy the DJ property.

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