DJ Brown Skin Sent Video of Wife’s Death to Another Girlfriend Abroad – DCI

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on Sunday, June 4, revealed that Michael Macharia, alias DJ Brown Skin sent the video of his wife committing suicide to his secret lover abroad. 

Officers investigating the case pieced together the incident after the disc jokey was arrested on June 1. 

DCI, however, did not disclose whether DJ Brown Skin shared the information during grilling or was discovered by forensic experts as part of the evidence.

DJ Brownskin
DJ Brownskin

“In a heart-wrenching video tape released by a popular blogger on April 1, 9 months after Sharon Njeri’s remains had been buried, her last moments were filmed by the DJ as she emptied a poisonous substance into a cup and ingested without hesitation,” DCI explained in a statement.

“Detectives have since established that after recording the ordeal, the suspect sent the video to his other girlfriend living abroad, before the she went public with the information through a blogger,” the detectives added. 

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According to the detectives, the video was explicit in showing how the suspect’s wife slumped on a couch and how she called her two children to inform them of her impending death. 

“The mother of two collapsed and died shortly thereafter. She was buried at her parents home in Koimbe Weithaga village, Murang’a County, on August 6 last year,” DCI explained. 

DJ Brown Skin was detained at Kasarani police Station to allow detectives to gather more information from witnesses, to build a stronger case. 

Police were granted permission by the Makadara Court to hold him for seven days pending investigations into Njeri’s death on July 29, 2022. 

The celebrity was accused of evading police officers before his arrest. Efforts to summon the suspect to shed more light into the incident proved futile, as he remained elusive, prompting detectives to launch a manhunt. 

Detectives from DCI indicated that the DJ had, on three occasions, failed to honour summons by the authorities investigating the matter.

Police charged him with aiding suicide and failing to prevent the same, contrary to Section 225 (C) of the Penal Code. 

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