Diana Marua Snubs Stepdaughter, Mueni Bahati On Her 5th Birthday

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After all the social media love we witnessed Diana Marua and Mueni Bahati?

Anyway, it looks like there may be trouble in Bahati’s home; judging from Diana Marua’s reaction or the lack of it on the birthday of her stepdaughter, Mueni Bahati.

While many people flooded social media to give their best wishes to Bahati’s eldest daughter; Mama Heaven aka Diana Marua the did not even spare her a moment’s attention.

To be fair, Diana Marua might have shared her best wishes offline; but judging from the previous birthdays, the mother of 3 always made sure to celebrate her step daughter on social media. Therefore meaning her silence meant all is not well with Mueni’s dad.

Diana Marua

However we cannot judge Diana Marua by this especially after seeing how she treats the little one; but truth is, Diana Marua must fed up with Bahati and his entire family hence her silence when it came to Mueni’s birthday.

Well let’s hope that things will soon get back to normal so as we can see how Marua will celebrate the great 5th birthday of her lovely step daughter!

After all, didn’t she work so hard to mend Mueni and Bahati’s relationship? So why give up now!

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