Diana Marua: I Didn’t Want To Date Bahati Because Of Age Difference

Diana Marua has revealed reasons why she felt that her husband Kelvin Kioko alias Bahati was incapable of marrying her.

Speaking during a session on their official YouTube account, Diana listed several reasons why she felt it was impossible for them to have a relationship that would blossom.

Among the reasons was the age differences they had. The artiste noted that she was adamant about their relationship working out because Bahati was three years younger than her.

Bahati And Diana
Bahati And Diana

Diana affirmed that she was abiding by societal standards that dictated that the man should be older than the woman in the relationship.

This was after Bahati put her to task on why she felt that he was unable to marry her.

Vile tu nilikwambia, the number one factor was age. You are three years younger than me. Society says you cannot date someone who is younger than you. Nilikua najua ata nikitaka kusettle down, i’ll be settling down with someone who is older than me. Bora tu ako a year older than me tuko sawa,” she stated.

The mother of three also revealed that Bahati’s enthusiasm for the Bible also made her adamant about getting into a serious relationship.

According to her, the artiste was too religious for her and quoted the bible every chance he got.

Do you know nikikumeet ulikuwa bible, bible, bible. Do you know I used to respect you,” she said.

Bahati however tackled her with the fact that he has enabled her to flourish since they got married.

He claimed that Diana was malnourished when they first met and that he made her plumpier by offering her a good life.

Ulikuwa malnourished. Unaona vile nimekufanya ukakuwa umejaza. The big boys understand but nimekusaidia sana,“he said.

Bahati and Diana have often found themselves being the talk of the town owing to their age differences with a section of fans often calling out Bahati for settling down with a woman older than him.

Despite the backlash, the two have continued cherishing their relationship. The couple has four children and has been together for close to five years.

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