Diamond Platnumz Responds After Viral Bald Photo Of Him

Diamond Platnumz shocked many of his fans when he posted an image online of himself flaunting a new hairstyle.

And when I say hairstyle, the hair is silent, as Chibu had gone the ‘Jordan’ route, showing a completely bald look.

Diamond had posted the image on his Instastories before Wasafi TV picked it up and asked fans what they thought about his new look?


Also, Chibu would rather die than shave off his hair constantly changing his hairstyles as the fancy strikes him. The man is like Absalom with his hair.

Other than that, Chibu has been on a high this month. Not only did he release a new album this month but his clout and stature are at an all-time high considering the rumours surrounding him and Zuchu.

Some are saying that the two (who have never admitted that they are an item) are pregnant. Whatever the case, Diamond seems to be in a great place right now.

He added that he loves his hair so much but when the right time for him to shave comes, he will definitely do so.

“Usiamini mambo ya mitandao (Do not believe everything you read online. Sijanyoa (I have not shaved). I still have my beautiful hair. I love my hair. Ikifika time pia ntanyoa (When the time comes, I will shave.)

Diamond is promoting his new EP ‘First Of All’ released last week on Friday.

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