David Moya: I Will Be Doing A Surprise Tour In Nigeria, South Africa

David Moya, the TikTok sensation known for his street surprises, has announced a “surprise tour” in Nigeria, South Africa, and other countries.

The 25-year-old, dubbed the “King of Street Happiness,” is known for approaching strangers on the street and charming them into joining him in a dance or simply cheering them up.

In an interview with Hot 96 on Thursday, the popular dancer revealed that he is in high demand from fans in the diaspora and has several performance bookings in countries around the world.

“Soon I will start doing surprises abroad, I have a gig in South Africa and an invite in Nigeria. I have so many bookings and most of them are from fans in diaspora,” he said.

David Moya

Speaking about the expansion of his TikTok empire, Moya explained that he decided to monetize his venture, which proved profitable.

He described a lucrative deal he received from a Nigerian national who asked him to surprise his wife and was paid Ksh.250,000 for the 30-minute preparation.

“It has become a proper business. Nigerians are used to be romantic and that is why I’m going to do a tour there. There was a Nigerian who paid me 250k for doing a surprise to their lover and it was done virtually,” he said.

“There was another one from Dubai alinipea shamba,” added the indebted dancer.

Moya stated that he started his own company because the business is expanding and it would be impossible to operate as a one-man show.

“I’ve started a small company called Moya Surprises, since it is becoming a big thing. Now I am recruiting more people,” said Moya.

“I have an academy, I normally train people every end of the month, initially it was every Sunday but due to my tight schedule I’m unable to do so,” he said on the progress of his dance academy prompted by the need to come up with a crew.

Speaking to aspiring creators, Moya encouraged them to actively pursue their ideas and not give up.

“If you have a talent, try it out. You don’t need similar skills like mine but whatever it is pursue it.”

Moya began dancing professionally in 2018, and his TikTok profile was launched the following year.

He currently boasts 2.5 million followers on his account, with 29.4 million likes.

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