Crazy Kennar: Don’t Compare Me And Flaqo

There have been constant comparisons between Comedian Crazy Kennar and Flaqo.

Once in a while, you might come across a social media poll asking who is more funny and creative between Kennar and Flaqo.

Speaking on the Wicked Edition, Kennar said they are incomparable variables since everyone is entertaining in their own style.

“I believe that everybody is on his own, i believe that as long as we both entertain…then there should be no comparison. We are not competing, we all aim at entertaining Kenyans. I have worked with him before,” he said.

Crazy Kennar And Flaqo

Kennar, who started Tales of Crazy Kennar journey 5 years ago shared how he managed to make a team of 9 actors and actresses.

After quitting his teaching job, he approached fellow college students one by one and they would create content together.

“When I started…I would shoot regardless of whether I get money or not.”

“Living with people can be of advantage or disadvantage. One thing I have learnt is that you must have the virtue of acceptance… do not struggle to change people’s character. When working with your peers, you should not behave like you are more superior,” he said.

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