Costa Titch Mum Alleges Rapper Was Poisoned To Death

Mother to South African rapper Costa Titch now alleges her late son might have been poisoned.

The Amaoiano artist died in March while performing on stage after he fell twice during a performance.

He was among the stars who were performing at the Ultra music festival on Saturday, 12 March 2023.

His mum has now called out the National Health Laboratory Services for failing to release the test result of her late son.

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Through Tich’s Instagram account which his mum has since taken over, the grieving mum suggested that her son was murdered.

“The National Health Laboratory Services can take months or even years to finalize toxicology tests. This means I am not the only mother in South Africa that has to wait for answers. 

It also means if anyone did poison my son, they could get away with murder. I’m pleading for help to get answers as even the police cannot do anything without these medical results.” She wrote

Last month the mother to South African Amapiano singer Costa Titch says she will not rest until she knows what killed her son.

“I promise you my son that I will not rest until I find out what happened to you,” she wrote on the late Costa Titch’s Instagram page

She added, “Love you forever my son💔 I will always be so proud of you.”

His family laid him to rest on the 15th March in a private burial ceremony. 

“As a family we are faced with a difficult time as we try to make sense of what has befallen us,” read a family statement

The family further asked to be afforded the time and space to gather themselves. “The Tsobanoglou family thanks you for the love and support you have given to our son and may you continue to uplift him even in spirit. Please keep us in your prayers and uplifted in the Lord.”

In another statement, the family thanked friends and fans for their continued love and support for their late son.

“We said our final goodbye to our son, brother, and friend Wednesday 15th March, in a private ceremony surrounded by close family and an abundance of love,” read part of the statement

“The Tsobanogou family would like to extend enormous gratitude to the Titch Gang community globally for their continued love and support during this incredibly difficult time. Having all of you sharing videos, pictures and memories of the impact our son had on many has softened the pain we carry.”

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