Controversial Dancer Zodwa Wabantu Banned In Malawi

The authorities in Malawi have stopped South African celebrity Zodwa Wabantu from coming into the country to perform because her revealing dance moves are thought to be out of tune with the nation’s moral standards.

The South African entertainer has made a career from explicit dancing styles which include wearing revealing clothes and often going on stage without any underwear.

She was set to perform in the southern city of Blantyre on 11 June, but the show’s organisers say they have received communication from the country’s censorship board that the South African will not be allowed to enter the country.

Zodwa Wabantu

Tourism and Culture Minister Micheal Usi told a local newspaper that he backed the decision.

The independent Daily Times newspaper quoted him as saying that he had received numerous calls from local women opposed to the South African performing in Malawi.

“Imagine if she came to perform and undressed on stage, what will all those women think of me,” Mr Usi said.

Malawi is a secular state with a liberal constitution that guarantees freedom of expression. It however, remains culturally conservative with most citizens leaning towards Christian teachings.

Wabantu has previously been banned from performing in Zimbabwe and Zambia for similar reasons.

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