Content Creator Kabi WaJesus Reveals Possible Entry Into Radio

Online content creator Kabi WaJesus has said he could be possibly be making entry into Radio if talks he has been engaging in mature.

Speaking on his family’s You Tube channel, Kabi said he has been in talks with a radio station to host a morning show and will be revealing whether he is on for the job.

“I was approached by a radio station and we have been in talks for a possible morning show on radio, so if we come into an agreement I will be going to radio,” Kabi stated.

Kabi Wa Jesus

The couple revealed that they are soon moving to their new house which would be close to where their child will be schooling and also where’s there’s a community where they can play around.

“We want to move close to the school where we want to take Taji. Where we live the kids are not active outside so I want a place that has a community set up,” the couple stated.

The couple further said that the building journey has not been easy and that they have in more than one occasion been forced to take breaks before resuming.

“Construction is not easy, this is a process that takes time and we have been forced to take breaks for different reasons, one reason was the birth of our daughter which forced us to a slight break to focus on her” they noted.

The couple said it was going to take a while before they would reveal their last born’s child’s face as they felt the public already knew everything about their family and their child’s face was something they were going to keep under the wraps before the reveal.

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