Congratulations! Eve Mungai Over The Moon As She Clocks 100 Million Views On YouTube

Kenyan YouTuber and digital influencer Eve Mungai is in a celebratory mood after garnering over 100 million views on her YouTube channel.

In a statement put out on Friday, July 1, 2022 Mungai expressed gratitude towards her fans for enabling her achieve the new milestone.

“100 million total views on YouTube. Thankyou so much team Mungai eve for always showing us love we really appreciate, let’s continue pushing towards our goal i.e 1M subscribers. To our amazing director Trevor we really appreciate your efforts and always giving us content on time.

“Everyone we work closely with I appreciate you without you we wouldn’t be here lots of love,” read Eve Mungai’s update.

Mungai Eve (1)

The content creator who joined the streaming platform on January 21, 2020, currently enjoys a total of 568K subscribers with her views being at 100,236,200 and counting.

In July 2021, Eve and her director boyfriend Trevor revealed they earn more than 1.5million, monthly, from their content creation. The two said it did not take long before they monetized their content.

The channel, named after Eve, focuses on entertainment news as well as projecting unscripted real-life experiences of youths from informal settlements.

Through content creation, the couple has rented a two bedroom apartment in Kileleshwa.

Her impact in Nairobi and the online community includes the discovery of Madocho wa Kanairo who is a self-styled sheng master.

YouTube content creators in Kenya have come of age, providing an alternative source of entertainment to millions of Kenyans who were used to TV programming.

The platform rewards creators by paying them for advertisements placed on their video content.

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