Comedians Season! Vinnie Baite Lands Dream Radio Job At Milele FM

More & more comedians are taking up radio jobs in big stations because of their bubbly & funny characters. The most recent ones to get the job are Mulamwah & Vinnie Baite.

2 days ago, Mulamwah secured his dream job at the station was given a show from Monday to Friday at 1 PM. His exuberance was evident and he declared that it has always been his dream to work at a radio stati0n.

”God is great , finally on radio – milele FM . It has always been my dream to one day be on radio”

Vinnie Baite

Mulamwah was also the first one to welcome Vinnie Baite into his new radio career after the comedian shared the good news with his fans via his Instagram.

”God above everything 💜.
Sasa mimi ni Radio presenter but hauwezi elewa 😂😂
Tune in to Milele Fm from mon-fri every week tupepete iwake tukiwa na bigman @Luchivya

Vinnie rose to popularity with his funny skits dubbed ‘story za jaba’ which cracked netizens up. He further came up with slangs such as achana nayo, kanaflow, huezi elewa among others. Apart from being a YouTuber, he’s also hilarious on stage and he has performed on Churchill.

Milele FM is now becoming popular in employing comedians. Some that have also been there include Jalang’o & MCA Tricky.

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