Comedian Terence Creative Celebrates 4 Years Since He Quit Smoking Cigarettes, Shisha And Bhang

Comedian Terence Creative is celebrating his journey after he quit smoking.

Terence has in the past said that he had been a smoker for 20 years before he quit.

Through his socials, Terence said he was happy due to the change he was making in society by helping others quit smoking.

Terence Creative

Among the things he used include; Shisha, weed, and tobacco. He marked four years and five months yesterday.

“Today marks 4 years 5 Months 5 days since I quit smoking cigarettes, shisha, weed and any tobacco related thing YOU TOO CAN DO IT.”

Terence started smoking at the age of 16 years and he was a heavy smoker. He used to smoke 2-3 packs a day before he quit.

When his addiction was at its peak, people used to pay him using cigarettes instead of cash. He thanked his wife and close friends for supporting him as he fought the addiction.

He revealed how having a foul mouth denied him passionate kisses from his wife.

“The saddest thing that I have never said in the years that I dated my wife, we were together for like five years. We never kissed properly. There is a stench from people who smoke. I can remember we only kissed like six times hizo siku zingine nilikuwa najibamba tu wacha nilambe shingo.

It was so bad. Alafu when I quit smoking I didn’t even tell her because alikuwa ananitusi oh ukiacha sigara nitakukiss kila siku. So nikawacha sigara nikanyamaza for one month nikamkumbusha.”

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