Comedian Obinna Says He Will ‘Never Ever’ Host Needy Friends In His House Again

Kenyan comedian Obinna now says he regrets hosting his friends who were in need in the past.

Obinna, taking to Instagram, opened up about helping people who later only turned against him and made him their enemy.

“Wheh! Let me tell you Maina, I learnt my lesson. I have housed over 12 different people in my little house for a period of like 6-8 years. The worst thing is that most of them currently, I’m enemy number one… No matter how sad their story is, don’t let nobody move in your house,” he wrote.

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According to the ‘Kula cooler’ show presenter, as soon as his friends left his house, none of them extended a hand of support to him and his businesses.

He also revealed that the friends, over twelve in number, started speaking ill of him.

The comedian went on to say that he has since learnt his lesson and he will “Never ever” host needy friends again.

“The minute they leave your house (food, shelter, clothing, medication, entertainment, guidance etc…) they don’t support your hassle (sic), they talk ish about you etc…I think I have learnt my lesson. Never ever.”

A couple of his fellow celebrities who replied under his comment section seemed to agree with the comedian’s sentiments.

Content creator Sandra Dacha replied:

“I can relate”

YouTuber Eve Mungai simply said, “True” and fellow comedian Owago Onyiro said,

“never ever, Asante ya punda ni mateke.”

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