Citizen TV Actress Opens Up About Battling Cancer

Coast-based Kenyan actress Winnie Bwire Ndubi has disclosed that she has been battling cancer.

Dida, as she is known on the local program that airs on Citizen TV Sultana, opened up that she has been battling breast cancer for some time.

Being the month of cancer awareness, Dida chose to put out a word to the world on the disease, as well as sensitize people on the importance of being screened as often as possible.

Actress Dida, real name Winnie Bwire Ndubi

She thanked the people who have walked with her and also thanked God, whom she says has made her shine despite suffering from the disease.

“As we mark the end of the breast Cancer awareness month, I’d love to appreciate your love and support through my journey. Those in the know walked with me from the very beginning,”

“We’re almost at the end of the lap and I count myself blessed to have people like you in my life. A big thank you to God, he is the star of my show. Ukweli usemwe (truth be told),” she said.

Cancer is a leading cause of death globally and one thing that can help change that is awareness.

Kenyans are encouraged to look out for the signs, and how to detect cancer, as well as to educate themselves more on the different types of cancer, hence the promotion of months like Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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