‘Chunga Usikuliwe Bibi’- Fans Warn Kabi WaJesus After Frankie Just Gym It Was Spotted ‘Training’ His Wife

Popular gym instructor Frankie has been referred to as a philanderer by numerous fans after his recent incident that jeaorpadized his trust among women.

To begin with, he recently separated with curvy city advocate & socialite Corazon Kwamboka.

The fact that this is the 2nd time he’s walking away from a woman after impregnating them has left his relationship with women in tatters; fearing that the same might repeat itself.

Frankie And Kabi

Frankie has now left Corazon in the lurch with two kids-whom they sired together. The same also manifested itself when she was with Maureen Waititu; who is also co-incidentally a lawyer.

He left the gorgeous woman in doldrums and with two sons. In total, the heartthrob gym instructor now has 4 kids; and hasn’t made the decision to settle with either of the women.

For the latter reason, Frankie has received massive criticism from netizens, who term him as a womanizer.

This was after he was spotted at a golf club with Kabi WaJesus’s wife Milly WaJesus; trying to show her to handle the club.

Luckily, Kabi WaJesus was in tow, but he could also not trust the Gym Instructor handling his wife. From the comment section of the photo posted by Frankie, perception of how he is viewed by most was manifested; including Kabi himself.

Check out the hilarious reactions;

Frankie And Kabi

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