Chunga! Maina Kageni Warned After A Snug Hug With Amber Ray

Yesterday evening, Amber Ray excited Kenyans when she posted an Instagram image of herself being held tightly by the one and only, Maina Kageni.

The mother of one posted a light-hearted caption mimicking how Maina’s call-in guests on Classic105 normally begin when giving him ‘Tea’.

Her caption read,

“So, today I met one of Kenya’s icons and let me tell you Maina😅…..4th will be limited 🥳🥳 ELDORET we are coming “

“🔥🔥🔥wuuwwiii😍,” was all a happy Maina could say in response to Amber’s post.

Maina And Amber Ray

Kenyans meanwhile weren’t as tongue-tied as Kenya’s most famous radio presenter, going all in in the comments section.

While some warned him about Amber’s ‘charms’ others encouraged him to shoot his shot with the curvy Amber.

Read some of those posts below:


Lemmi tell you maina Juju man is there11


Let me tell you maina we can’t miss😂😂ama uchukue tu hii Mali uchunge bro😂😂


Shoot your shot legend😂

dennis.momanyi. Na mbona ukupost mkiwa na mulamwah…..ama juu ni mweusi?10 h1 likeReply

top5adventureskenya Maina songea vizuri sio sideways 😂😂😂

The reason Kenyans are warning Maina to watch himself is based on the past allegations that the socialite uses juju to bewitch men.

In fact, earlier this year singer Nicah the Queen went all out attacking Amber and accused her of using juju to get people’s husbands.

” A lot of people are going to witchdoctors (to get other women’s husbands) and that is the point I trying to put across. It is happening left, right and center,” she said in a past interview

While Amber Ray has always denied the accusations her ex-husband, Jimal Rohosafi provided a staunch defense of her when they were still married.

Writing on Instagram in April last year, the businessman said that claims that she had used juju on him, were unfounded.

“Allow me to put this matter to rest. @iam_amberay is my legal wife that’s the truth. She has not used any juju on me as it’s being claimed,” Jamal said.

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