Christina Shusho on Her New God-Given Assignment

Renown Tanzanian gospel musician, Christina Shusho has finally revealed that she is on a God-given assignment; the reason she left her matrimonial home.

Shusho who is a mother of three began her music career about 15 years ago.

Until recently, she was married to Pastor John Shusho in whose church she was a choir member long before they tied the knot.

Her fans became very concerned with what was not happening in the couple’s marriage after they noticed Christina not wearing her wedding ring.


As if that was not enough, she stopped attending service at her husband’s church to start her own, The Dreamers Centre which is reported to be still under construction.

The award-winning Unikumbuke hit maker came out to state that marriage is indeed no child’s play as it requires lots and lots of sacrifice.

One can easily assume that the reason for their separation lies within this post.

However, she explained in a separate post that there is no bad blood between her and her husband and that their separation is just a way she is responding to God’s calling.

“Ukweli ni kwamba ni assignment tu there is nothing different other than that. Ni assignment tu ambayo nimekuta Mungu amenipa kipindi hiki. Kwa hiyo lazima nitoke niende ku fulfill assignment,” She said.

To back her point that everything else is well between them, Shusho  said that her husband granted her blessings to start her own church.

Since there were so many concerns regarding her family life and why she was no longer posting family photos, she came out clean on this:

“Siposti picha ya familia yangu sababu haileti pesa. If it doesn’t bring anything why post?”



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