Is CS The Way To Go? Celestine Ndinda Explains Why She’ll Stick To It

Celebrated comedian Njugush and his wife Celestine Ndinda alias Wakavinye are expecting their 2nd child in the next few months; and Celestine has already chosen the method she’ll be using to deliver the baby.

Her pregnancy was first noticed while she was performing in tandem with her hubby in their show TTNT; where the audience questioned her protruding baby bump. They would later receive numerous congratulatory messages for the pregnancy.

Most pregnant women would rather do CS- Cesarean delivery (C-section) as they term it painless and safe. Vera Sidika is among the few celebrities who opted for the same when she gave birth to her daughter Asia Brown.

Celestine Ndinda

Celestine Ndinda has also chosen the same method- adding that she tried the normal route and it didn’t work out really well.

She shared the same via Mungai Eve’s YouTube channel.

”One thing I am sure about this time, I am not going to feel pain. I want just to go straight to the theatre. Hio by the way nimewaambia juu ya kwanza I felt so much pain… Hii nimejiambia sichoki. That’s the only thing I know.”

Celestine also stated how she was eagerly waiting for long to sire a 2nd born with Njugush, adding that the news was a joy to them too.

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