Cebbie Speaks After Her Sister Akothee Opened Up On Their Strained Relationship

Akothee’s sister Cebbie Nyasego has spoken about her well-being after her elder sister went public on their frosty relationship.

Although she did not touch on the matter directly or tag the name of her sister in her comments, it is obvious that she was speaking on the matter that the sister touched about on October 14.

Taking to her insta stories, Cebbie appreciated the fact that a number of people were reaching out to her to know much about her well-being after the revelations that her older sister brought out.


She acknowledged and valued the fact that people were praying for her in what she said was a lot of messages that she could not reply to all adding that marriage is sacred and fragile as she gets ready to get married.

This is what she wrote on her insta stories which was put down in point form;

“Lemme put this here, I’m unable to reply to all the messages. 1. I appreciate your efforts in reaching out to me. 2. I also acknowledge with lots of grace and humility that you genuinely pray for me and my family. 3. I thank everyone who takes their time to pray for my union. Marriage is sacred and fragile. I do not take it for granted. Ahsante sana (Thanks a lot),” she wrote on her insta stories.

Cebbie completely refused to drag the name of her sister into what she wanted to say and rather thanked her friends and fans for probably reaching out to her after the revelations that Akothee laid bare concerning their strained relationship.

On October 13, Akothee went live to address their strained relationship and the day after, on October 14 the musician penned down a long post on her social media profiling how their relationship went sour as she regretted the bad turn of events.

Addressing the issue, the mother of five, the outburst started after her sister was exposed online for bad-mouthing her.

Since then their relationship has never been the same with her as fans took on her younger sister who in turn blamed the singer for not standing with her to defend her from the attack of her fans.

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