CAS Itumbi’s Massive Weight Loss Raises Eyebrows

In recent days, the Kenyan media scene has been abuzz with discussions surrounding a former blogger who now holds a position as a deputy cabinet secretary.

Netizens have taken to social media platforms, particularly Twitter, to express their growing concerns about the official’s deteriorating health, particularly his significant and noticeable weight loss.

Itumbi shared photos of himself in Embu after chairing a committee and Kenyans couldn’t help but notice his massive weightloss.

“In Embu, after chairing the National Holidays Thematic Committee. Yaani mimi na PS @ministry of interior – wacha tu! Asante Raymond Omollo – quite a great day going through updates with the Steering Committee.Cecily Mutitu Mbarire is having the time of her life.


The worrisome images have ignited a flurry of comments and speculations, with some even questioning the authenticity of the photographs.

One Twitter user, @stanmchiri, commented on a picture of the official, suggesting that it appeared to be photoshopped, while another user, @MWNjoroge, echoed similar sentiments.

However, their skepticism was met with a flood of responses from concerned netizens who pointed out that the deputy cabinet secretary might be ailing.

The comments ranged from humorous remarks to genuine expressions of worry and curiosity.

Some comments touched on the political implications of the deputy cabinet secretary’s weight loss. 

The concern expressed by netizens underscores the public’s heightened interest in the well-being of public figures and highlights the power of social media as a platform for collective expression.

The striking images of the deputy cabinet secretary have ignited a discussion about his health, leading to a flurry of speculation and genuine concern from netizens across Kenya.

It remains to be seen whether the deputy cabinet secretary or his representatives will address these concerns and provide an explanation for the noticeable weight loss.

In the meantime, the online conversation surrounding this topic continues to evolve, reflecting the ongoing engagement of Kenyans with matters of public interest.

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