Carrol Sonie Not Planning To Fall In Love Again, Says Love ‘Did Her That Thing’

Comedian Mulamwah’s ex-girlfriend Carrol Sonie has revealed that she is not ready to fall in love any time soon.

In a Q&A on her YouTube, the mother of one said love ‘did her that thing’ and she is not falling for it soon unless it comes her way.

“Mapenzi imetufayia ile kitu. Love is there, will I ever fall in love again? I am not planning to fall in love again but if it happens to come my way, i will not hesitate, I believe love exists,” Carrol said.

Mulamwah's Ex-Girlfriend Carol Sonie

She also divulged how she has been able to survive the storm after a nasty breakup with Mulamwah.

“I pray alot and let God take control of everything.”

Months after the break up, Carrol Sonie has worked on her rebirth by starting over on new social media pages.

Carrol says her previous social media pages and that of her daughter Keilah have been held hostage by Mulamwah.

Source: Mpasho

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