Caroline Mutoko: I’m Making A lot More Money Now Than I Was On Radio.

Caroline Mutoko, a well-known media personality and presenter, has revealed that she now earns more money as a digital marketer than she did as a radio host.

Mutoko worked in radio for nearly 19 years, four and a half of which she spent at Capital FM before moving on to Kiss FM for 14 years before retiring.

Mutoko explained why she chose to leave at the time she did, despite rising to become one of the highest paid radio presenters in the country at the time, saying she had done her part and felt it was finally time to exit the booth and pass it onto the younger generation.

She went on to say that the transition from radio to digital marketing has been beneficial to her, and that she now makes more money than she did when she was on the radio, but without having to get up at dawn like she used to.

“I’ve always known there was a world beyond the microphone, and I guess this is it.” I’m a fantastic storyteller who makes a living off of it. “I’m glad I make a lot more money now than I did on the radio,” she told the Daily Nation in an interview.

“I’ve been out of radio for nine years. I left because it seemed like the right time, and I’ve never looked back. Many people have asked me why I left. Some people encouraged me to keep going.

That I had a fantastic radio show. A good dancer, on the other hand, knows when to leave the stage. So far, the transition has been smooth and fruitful. I’ve taken some time to reflect and put things into context. I like how I can still do well without having to get up at 4 a.m.”

Mutoko has worked with several top local and international brands, including Tecno, Safaricom, Dubai Tourism, L’Oreal, and Netflix, since reinventing herself as a digital marketer.

When asked if she misses radio, Mutoko said flatly, “No,” emphasizing that she gave it her all while it lasted and has fully embraced her new line of work.

“I’ve been out of radio for nine years, and I’m glad I did it.” To be honest, if I wanted to get into radio, I would start a podcast. “Podcasting is the modern radio,” she explained.

She went on to praise a slew of other media figures she mentored when they were just getting started, naming a few standout names like Nyambane, Jalang’o, Larry Madowo, Shaffie Weru, Sanaipei Tande, and DNG.

Mutoko, on the other hand, claims that “Jalang’o and Chipukeezy were the two hungriest people she worked with.” They desired more and were willing to invest time and effort.”

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