Carol Sonnie Responds To The Cheating And Abortion Allegations

Carol Sonnie, the ex-girlfriend of comedian Mulamwah has opened up about the break-up that left them a topic of discussion on the interwebs.

In an interview on Radio Jambo, Sonnie said that the period after the break-up has not been easy on her.

“It is not easy, there are people who were looking up to us and feel like we have disappointed. But it is best that one leaves, do not stay in a relationship where you are not happy or comfortable doing something,” she told Massawe Jappani.

The mother of one revealed that they both reached a decision to part ways.

Sonnie also responded to a claim by his ex-boyfriend that she was cheating on him.

“I never had any relationship outside, for him…I am not aware whether he had any.”

Sonnie was also asked whether she attempted to have an abortion as claimed by her baby daddy.

“What I can say is…I respect my baby so much, and I respect Mulamwah. And I respect myself. So I wouldn’t want to talk about that…she is growing and she will come to see these things…and I will be the first person she will ask.

I wouldn’t want to address that, it is best. Let people believe what they want…respect is what I want from him,” she responded.

Sonnie revealed that she has not called her baby daddy after the online slur.

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